PGHK #95 Pen Pal

Jun 4, 2007 | Podcast | 10 comments

Guests: Kim Moh, Hainam Kei Pui, Kacang Puteh, Jepun Lau Ee, & Pek Lu Lu.

Did you know that young people are STILL have pen pals. This week we discussed about pen pals from various generations. I’m sure you have your own pen pal stories to tell. Share them in the comment area, or in the forum, or better yet, call me free using Jaxtr on the left side of this page using your own phone number, no long distance, just local calls. Or simply click here.



  1. Pek Lulu

    I like this show very much since I can talk about my enjoyable and unforgetable virgin kiss. I wish I know where he is now, with how many kids or wives, or no at all. Anyway, everyone did a good job. Reminisce our puppy love stories. Help me help me, and they call this puppy………and they call this puppy loves.

  2. ToTo

    This episode is great, aiyoh, laugh until stomachache. Me & friends used to write love letters to female penpals and nicknamed ourselves with boy names, ha ha ha… just to make them ki-hiao. JLE and Lulu are funny talker, and very honest too, Hainam Keipui slowly showed her “fox tail” and the end of the show 😉 haha. JLE had many cheeky ideas, never have i thought abt how to re-use stamps. hor liao!!

  3. gulengchi

    I love this show veli muc too!

  4. Siao Cha Bo

    I did use the glue on the stamp also. I collect stamps and used to ask my penpal to put all 10 or 20 cents stamps so I will have more foreign stamps… And i bet most of you did write “Thanks Mr Postman” on the envelope… teeheehee…

  5. Hainam Kei Pui

    yaya.i did write “Thank You Mr Postman”~~~~~lol..sometimes instead of writing my address on the back of the envelope.i write”Guess Who?” or etc……..

  6. shuahuan

    ha…i also got write the “Thanks Posman”…
    i still remember,some times i draw some cartoon on the envelope…
    i once draw a posman chasing by a dog…so funny…luckly that letter receive by my friend…hee…i post my Photo on Kwang Hwa Yit Poh before…
    i receive almost 40++ letter…got 1 letter write all the “rude word”…i still reply that letter…but that person not reply back…ha…coz the address that person give is a fake address…the letter i post being turn back…ha…i still remember the person name is “Chun Hua”…hope that person listen to PGHK & see this comment too…

  7. Shua Hu

    so long long time didn’t post any comment liao….. also long long time don’t have time to listen PH Podcast… hmmm..pen pal ah???? I never got any pen pal before leh… KNS….. “shu lang” liao…. anyway, MSN pal or ICQ pal can ah??? hahahhahaha

  8. cili padi

    i’ve never had a pen pal but i did have table pal (“,) what is table pal ???? let me explain ……when i went 4 tuition last time i saw ppl drawing on the table (vandalism) so i wrote on the table asking he/she to stop i did not expect anything but he/she replied n after that i became one of he /she as we started to chat by writing short messages on the table then one day he/she left a message saying he/she will leave the tuition centre so till today i still dont know who he or she is..

  9. Hainam Kei Pui

    wah……..table pal cool leh……… talking about table, last time alwis conteng school desks and the tables in one-stop food court…in public bus oso i conteng the seat.

  10. nancy

    Hello my new friend,
    Compliment of the season, and a happy get-together with Nancy , I am 26yrs. Let not race or nationality inch your mind, for this has being the key mother of the day. I decided having you as a pen pal friend knowing fully well that is an act of one expressing or sharing view with another or people around the world, which has to do with honesty, above all faithfulness. Friendship is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time. Yes,friends are like stars;some afar and others around,but just need a favorite one.My dear,guess you could make my favorite

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