PGHK #109 Blue Flim

Sep 10, 2007 | Podcast | 11 comments

This topic has been in the forum for a long time, we finally find a time to talk about it. The only problem is, we didn’t have enough time. Almost everyone wanted to share their own stories. Now, what are we talking about?

“Blue Flim”

I did not misspelled Flim. That’s how we say it in Hokkien.
I hope you’ll enjoy this episode. And I certainly hope to record a second show in the future. In the meantime, share your experience in the comment area.



  1. Dragon

    I have waited for this show since u do the recording…. finally……… haha 🙂

  2. kapsiao

    very goood ..waiting for the second episode and more !!!

  3. ppp

    wah… tats was the best episode i had ever heard other then chao ua… haha…

  4. KOKahKOK

    wait for 2nd episod! cool

  5. shuahuan

    wow…hainam chicken rice…your story is so funny…
    even ask your grandmother what that actress eat???…
    last time i also like that…my story is like this…

    my uncle dont let me see 1 HK movie call “Female Robot”…
    i think Robot is like Transformer…
    so when he went out…
    i play that tape in Living room with all the uncle auntie there…
    i just manage watch an actress call “yeh zhi mei” who act the female robot…than when they start to “cheng sambai” all the “parents” ask us(all the under age) go in to the room and stay there cannot come out…so they can continue watch that movie…when my uncle come back i get scold by him…:p than i know why he dont let me watch that HK”Transformer” movie…sorry arr…my dear uncle…

  6. xiao kia

    Wa.. Shiok-nya got this topic. I also long2 story to tell lo since i small curi tengok. kakaka

  7. Ang Ku Kueh

    haha… walao this show very funny lo… laugh like crazy pple… especially Hailam Keh pui mention her past experience…. watch cartoon & ask granny that part… haha… lol :p

    Look fwd for next episode… 🙂

  8. KamPui..

    yo.. i also got alot of thing wan to share, from me and also some is from my fren experience…. toOoooooOooooooooooOooooooo much d

  9. Laksa Pin

    Funny episode…. I guess everyone had their first time seeing blue films. Mine was on video tape VHS and four of us hot blooded teens (back then) cramped in a shop lot on a Sunday. The taukeh left for shopping with family leaving his tape and his nephew (one of our gang) gawking and counting titties. We watched in a closed up windows with curtains all drawn. It was like an oven with a single ceiling fan working. Hot shows in a hot room… He he he…

  10. mikkeen

    Good works and good talks on all this!@#$%^&*(..
    Interesting…must make a series of these..

  11. Daphne

    The phrase “blue laws” dates back to 1781 when the Reverend Samuel Peters published his history of Connecticut. He painted the strict laws of the puritan colonists as “blue laws,” meaning “bloody laws” or laws that were enforced by brutality. “Blue laws” became shorthand for any strict, old-fashioned laws, such as laws forbidding liquor sales on Sundays.
    The use of the word “blue” to refer to risque content was first recorded in Scotland in 1824. The Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia linked “blue” with a “smutty touch in song-singing, chatting, or piece of writing.” One theory as to why “blue” meant “lewd” is that prostitutes in prison may have been dressed in blue gowns. Another theory mentions a series of ribald French books titled Bibliot que Blue.

    While there’s no proven connection between these uses of “blue,” it’s not inconceivable that both influenced the term “blue movies.” Pornography has been outlawed at various times and places, so blue laws might have forbidden the movies and thus the color became associated with the content. Also, when you curse a blue streak, you’re talking dirty, and such language can be connected to explicit films. Another explanation for “blue movies” is that striptease acts may have once used blue spotlights.
    Hope that satisfys your curiosity

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