PGHK #122 Pak Chniao (拍抢)

Dec 10, 2007 | Podcast | 7 comments

NOTE: Check out our scheduled recording this Saturday (15-12-07) above this post.

Guests: Ang Ka Chnui, Jepun Lau Ee, Kacang Puteh, Kiam Hu & Dragon Ah Leng

I have made a big mistake by NOT pressing the record button, so we changed the topic and talked about anything came to our minds. But we ended up finding a theme too. The madness and craziness started at the very first second of this show. You don’t want to miss this one.



  1. Jipunabor

    Ang Ka Chnui’s experience is very scary loh~~~~ luckily you were save and still kicking and sound now. hihihi(^-^)
    JLE, i think it’s a good idea if you also have a podcast, hehehe….

  2. Lao Farfield

    Ya lor..Ang Ka Chnui’s kena pak chiau very scary lor…I wonder which part in Thailand so dangerous. Ya ya..u r right Jipunabor…JLE should also have a podcast show…. 🙂

  3. Lao Garfield

    ooie..sorry..Its Lao Garfield not Lao Farfield…hehehehehe

  4. taro

    the beat small people one (pak siu jin) so funny

    u people get tuition here…kakakaka

  5. lor mee

    Eventough this is a “luan luan kap” topic but it runs to be a very successful one besides funny & scary (for ang ka chui’s case). Well done everyone !!!

  6. Shua Hu

    Penang Tai (槟城台)is recruiting below position :
    1) Part-Time DJ
    2) Sound / Video / Photo Editor
    3) Photgrapher cum video-man
    4) News reporter
    5) Script Writer
    6) Web Technician / Web Designer

    Please send your resume to with detail experience on your porfolio

  7. KOKahKOK

    wah~~ penang got penang tai lo

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