PGHK #121 Tit Toh Ha Mik (佚佗哈物)

Dec 3, 2007 | Podcast | 9 comments

Guests: Dragon Ah Leng, Ang Ka Chnui, Kiam Hu, Hao Tniao and Loh Mee

We revisit the topic of our childhood games. If you haven’t listened to the original episode, check it out here: PGHK #69 Gin-a Game.
Find out if your favorite games were mentioned in this episode. Share your own games in the comments area.



  1. Miku John

    Sorry for the late post. I lupa!


    on this early blue monday moring no listen ur podcast show , my life can’t going on…
    2.09pm…thanks god u post ridi…. 🙂

  3. Miku John

    Gu Leng Ko, this the ultimate compliment I can get from a listener. Thanks you for your support. I do the show for you and those who find a bit of value in our laughters. I can’t thank you enough.

  4. Lao Garfield

    Very informative…all the games that kids these days don’t play anymore. PS2 is the thing for them…those days…we have to be creative in order to play and have fun. Think we are much healthier in many ways than kids now…. In fact, there are many more old games that we used to play …like kodi konda for example…don’t know if many of you know this game…Anyway…very nice this show…

  5. Siao Cha Bo

    nice show. yes. the colored stick game is called ‘pick-up-stick’…

    the 10-in-1 game is popular during primary school too. few board games in a box, which costs only a few ringgit with games like snake and ladder, aeroplane, dam, chess, etc…

    and used to join the guys to play ‘chiak bak’ at the padang, when we got no tennis ball, we used slipper…

    then the handkerchief game, everyone sits in a big circle… ah, i forgot how this game is played already…

    and earlier generation video games like mario, bubble dragon, street fighter, pinball, etc…

    those good old days…

  6. kevin/taugeh

    wah what a nice show…………. but we still miss out some games like gasing, layang-layang, football lor…….. but i quite enjoy the show….. really recall the moment when we still kids lor…….. haha

  7. jepunlauee

    LOR MEE,I also remember those plays,like singing in fronts of the fan…we always plays ” KOH TAI” singers in front of the fan…onli to get out hair pulled by my grandma…coz we were blocking her cool air…wakakakaka…

    Anyway..nice topic..all the guests were great..and once again a big thank you to John and all the guests who make this show possible….

  8. charbour

    There are some games that i can recall, but i dont think i can explain them here:
    1) in mandarin that is called “lian hua” – lotus
    2) “what is the time Mr.Wolf”
    3) A.E.I.O.U
    4) dogs and bones
    5) pepsicola
    6) iceman (sth like police and thief but instead of “out”/”die”, you are frost until someone saves you

  9. Rescuedog

    1. kali-dui
    2. Pai Ka Poh = One Leg
    3. Ah Jit Lor = Mata liak Chat
    4. Tao Bi Lang = Hide and seek
    5. qiu leng ji = Rubber seed
    6. seh qiu leng = Rubber bend fight
    7. Helicopter = Paper fan
    8. Paper Plane

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