PGHK #184 Pnua Pne (破病)

Feb 9, 2009 | Podcast | 16 comments

I have a special guest host, Xiamen Ah Long with me. The two of us chatted non stop about something totally off topic and a bunch more about sickness. Ah Long shared his appendicitis experience. We also tried to recall the Hokkien names for some diseases.



  1. motoleng

    sorry i can’t join on that day coz i pnua pne = lao sai + fever…

  2. lenglong

    is ok lah motoleng, we all understand lah..just miss ur show nia….got u talk in show very funny 🙂 pls join next time

  3. fongtak

    Please tell me what is chor nam ? is it “rough male” ?
    Sometimes you say,, chor ni – rough lady ?
    I D/L all your episode and listen from my mp4.
    Keep up the good works. i really enjoy all your shows…

  4. Miku John

    Fongtak, “Chor nam” is 处男, as in virgin. “Chor lu” is 处女.
    Thanks for your support.
    Did you know you can download even more episodes way back into the first episode by using the Archive feed. You can find the feed on the right side of the home page on

  5. fongtak

    John Ong,, U do what U do best on all the episodes. I really admire your talent
    your Laughter, your Tone and your Sense of Humour .I give nothing no less than an A plus. Q, How come i cannot use the ” now you speak ” ?
    I can get the format and type in my email and a note for miku ong, but when i press on the record and play,, nothing happen. please instruct me for i want to speak back,, kam sia..

  6. kee

    fongtak ,
    virgin is tsai sik lu or tsai sik lam for man.
    There are no such word chor lam for hokkien in china and taiwan because 處 is tshu

  7. Miku John

    kee, thanks.

    But fongtak, but that’s what we say as a joke in my programs. If you want to learn the 100% accurate Hokkien, I think you need to contact Kee. If you’re just want to have fun, then come back here. 🙂

    Seriously, kee is like our teacher here. I appreciate his input, keep it coming.

  8. kee

    John,no offense ,even people from klang and Johor don’t know about tsai sit/sik/siak.The standard is just too low.I only know this when I was 24.

    In taiwanese tw drama you can hear people asking is that girl tsai sit?Or the girl crying I am still tsai sit before I was raped.

  9. fongtak

    Kam Sia, John and Kee for the answers ,now I understand .

    Q. KEE, When you watch HHD ON ASTRO do you understand completely
    what the Hokkien drama is saying ? As for me, it is too fast.. ha ha..
    Me, at KL.. Migrated from Johor

  10. kee

    yes,I understand taiwanese drama easily.It is not that hard because the conversation is alwayls the same.
    It is china’s various sects of hokkien absolutely unthinkable to malaysian.
    ta poo is ta pou in some places.
    ping (place ) is puinn or peng .

  11. Miku John

    kee, can you confirm the writing of pua pne, how you’d write it in Chinese characters?

  12. kee

    you are right about the hanzi but some taiwanese came with some strange hanzi.They could be correct as well

  13. kee

    Just for the knowledge taiwanese think 发病 is the word. We can’t find 破病 in old text.

    www, is a good radio for malaysians to hear
    You can hear in this radio 病 is actually a drop sound.for 80% of our malaysian hokkien people

  14. Xiamen Ah Long

    Hi kee:

    You seem to know so much about Hokkien words, I must learn from you. 🙂

    破病 is the right word, at least recognised in Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou. But in Penang, most people including myself grew up pronouncing it as Phnua Pneh instead of Phua Pneh, with nosal sound in Phnua. That;s why people often mistake it as Khnua Pneh…… ^_^

  15. kee

    If we can’t find the hanzi in old text,you can’t say it is the right hanzi.They can’t quote anything from books .
    penn,pinn,pEnn there is no need to add h sound.

    phuann instead of phua, I think just a mistake.People with surname don’t even know they surname is phuann

  16. Siao Cha Bor

    welcome back xiamen ah long. still funny as usual. hope to hear more from you.

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