PGHK #185 Seh Sna (洗衫)

Feb 16, 2009 | Podcast | 10 comments

Whether you wash your clothes by hand or a machine, you will be able to relate to this topic. What brand of washing detergents do you use? Have ever washed your clothes in a river like our special guest, Eau See? Hope you’ll enjoy.



  1. lor mee

    I try before 3 types of detergent that will not cause “chao sui” to our clothes even no sunlight, they are Attack, Tops and Dynamo. I personally prefer “Attack”.

  2. kampui

    wat john said in this episod bring cloths to laundry shop..

    i experienced this b4.. when i study in oversea…
    we go travel, YMCA back-packer lounge..
    all of my fren keep collectin coins to wash our cloth..
    while waiting the cloth, we bring platying cards down to play big 2..
    haha.. it has became a sweet memory for me and my frens…

  3. Miku John

    Good advice Lor Mee.

    Kampui, I used to like that idea too. Kinda fun hanging out with friends at the laundromat. But if you have to do it out of necessity, then it sucks.

  4. Sally

    Penang Hokkien John!
    I would like to interview you on an actual radio show. Can you please drop me
    an email so that I can get in touch with you? I can’t find your email anywhere.
    Drop me a line!


  5. KC

    Wow….John siok ka liao….in “siok ka lingam” spirit…….got ppl wan to interview u again….

  6. fongtak

    John, EuSee., th most emotional part of this episode is when Eu See, revealed that
    she knew John’s mum and how John laughs and cried out of joy !..Eu See and John
    i enjoyed this episode very much and especially Ue See utters words like.. ‘ she is so happy to hear John’s voice on the net and invited her hubby to listen to ‘KAKI LANG’
    talking.. it make me happy too…Keep the good works John……
    BTW.. Why i cannot use the ” you speak back ” ?
    i managed to get the java based page and the format but when i press record and play.. nothing happened..HELP..

  7. milk mother

    why dont have ghost stories very like your ghost stories . . pls dont stop it..dont make ur fans dissapointed.. aND ur podcast very nice.add oil..

  8. Miku John

    Don’t worry. Ghost stories are not going away. In fact there’ll be anew one coming up very soon. Thanks for your support.

  9. Jason L.

    The narration of the detergent adverts are funny!

    thua sampah thang chu lai, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  10. HokkienChar

    “Tiao” is call “Condor” in english, like eagle family but it is must bigger. Usually can be found in Mongolia as Mongolian rare it for hunting.

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