TofuWayne’s music video for PGHK

Feb 25, 2009 | Announcements | 23 comments

I always appreciate how supportive and kind almost everyone of you out there who listen to Penang Hokkien. Yes, I do this because I enjoy it myself. But I continue doing this because of you and your support and encouragement. This morning, I woke up to this comment from TofuWayne, another great supporter of Penang Hokkien. It is such an honor, TofuWayne. you made my day.

This is what he said: (then check out his song from YouTube below)

hi John and all the seniors,

hi everyone out there, I guess I am pretty new to join and share idea with all you seniors.

After spending 4-year-time in Japan, I really found that actually I miss all the things in my home town Penang so much so much, such as my family, friends, food, culture and so on..

By listening to all of you, I feel that you guys are so warm and so kind, very friendly. It is very hard to meet some friends like you guys around here that can share everything without any worry.

Actually I am not just an university student over here, I am also working part-time in a small radio broadcast company in Kansai area. My job is music and song composing, arranging and recording, and by the way i already composed a song for this great podcast.

I composed this song for Penang Hokkien Podcast just to show that how much i appreciate this particular podcast and to show my respect to John Ong.

I can’t say that Japan is a boring country but just that I feel home sick from time to time. Until I found out this great podcast. It helps me to bring back all my sweet memories when I was still in Penang. I think I am not the only one who falls in love with Penang Hokkien, and I would like to take this great opportunity to thank John Ong. It needs a very strong commitment to run this podcast continueosly. Just leave all the credits to the mighty John Ong.

If anyone thinks that I shouldn’t do something like this, I will take away this piece of shit from youtube without any blaming immediately.

Lastly, I hope that Penang Hokkien Podcast is not going to sue me for doing this. Hope you guys love this. Thanks.


  1. fongtak

    A great effort on your part.. HO LIOW…
    Q.How u get the music for your nice song ?. is it computer software or real instruments ?… I really sukak the song when i hear it… More songs “ke you..” !!

  2. tofu_wayne

    thanks John,

    its my pleasure for doing this, other than doing this i donno how can i show you my excitement towards this particular podcast.

    if there is a chance, i would be really happy to join your conference. can you or anyone please guild me to participate more in this podcast?

    this is my e-mail address

    if anyone would like to have this song (mp3), i will be happy to send you guys. the quality of the song is much better if i send you the original song in mp3 format.

    especially to you John, please help me to get closer to all the seniors, please help me to achieve my dream.


  3. tofu_wayne


    I am actually doing this song in my house. For the BGM (back ground music), some parts i actually played and recorded them, like guitar, electronic piano, scratcher… and some other parts i just used a music software to create the sound.

    thank you for supporting this song, i am so happy to hear that.

  4. fongtak

    Y r a Great musician , Tofu
    Want to ask u if there r free software that can create music ?
    John ( to whom i am his ardent fan ) appreciate your theme song too.
    Kie You- Add oil !..

  5. tofu_wayne


    actually i am using FL Studio music software to create this song. i donno whether is it possible to download this software for free, but it is a right choice to have it!!

    thanks for your support, i am getting to like you!!

  6. Araibaijop

    Wow…..great job! I love the song. Thank you Tofuwayne.

  7. tofu_wayne

    hi Araibaijop,

    haha.. thanks for your support, i am so glad that i wrote this song.
    maybe i should have done this 3 years ago, hope that i am still not too late to join PGHK.

  8. ShuaHuan (KevenLoo)

    although the lyrics is keep on repeating,
    but i love it so so much coz is more easy for me to sing…
    (easy to memorise the lyrics)
    and i love the background sound whan it come to the word “song”…
    got some “call bed sound”… very funny…
    i vote it as the songs of the year 2009…for PGHK…

  9. tofu_wayne


    haha.. you are so funny!!

    again, thanks for ya support!!

  10. Xiao Kia

    Wah ! Clap Clap…. the song so nice. Fantastic……. I really like it. may be in future we can ask more ppl to join and create a song and sing for Miku John. hehehe

  11. dann

    It was totally cool. Good job TofuWayne!!!

    “Boh Song Koh Beh Kong,
    Kong Liau Koh Beh Song”


  12. dann

    hmm.. is it me? cause i did heard some jap av behind the voice. lol. i think too much… =x

  13. Lima Belas’s really cool , Tofuwayne

  14. Laksa Pin

    Hi Tofuwayne,

    Great song you’ve created for Pg Hokkien. We expect more cool songs from you leh…..

  15. Kevin / Tau Tau

    tofu… nice job…… but i still unable to listen it though my old laptop…. i hope u have receive my email and send me the mp3 version 2 me….. Taugeh!!!!

  16. Miku John

    I will post the MP3 song soon on the website.

  17. Ah Tox

    Si Peh Hoe Liow……………………..We Penang Kia Apa Pun Boleh.
    Tofu Wayne Lu make Penang Lang Proud leh,,,,,,,Lu Si Peh Gau Lor.

  18. Boston Laksa

    The song is great!!

  19. kacang puteh

    Tofu!Nice to meet you!You make a very great job!The song is so nice!!!We all love it very much So do PGHK too!!!..^^..

  20. ginna-kia

    tofu-wayne…are u “tu-pang’s cuz”?? didn’t knw u listen to pg hokkien too 😉
    btw, i’m “tu-pang’s gf”…i’ve been following this site since 2006..but this is my first time leaving a comment! 2-thumbs up for ur song!
    i lurveeee pg hokkien!! ^_~

  21. tu-pang kang

    wakakakakakakakakakaka ……..
    oh yea bro ! u created a new song again ! heheehehe ….

    hey guys , if you all wanna hear tofu others title please kindly visit ->

  22. eddie

    i can make a special MV for u(F.O.C)
    just because ia am hokkien lang.
    i support u man!


  23. Kelly

    OMG!!!! I jux LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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