PGHK #186 Hoh Kui Siong

Feb 23, 2009 | Ghost Stories, Podcast | 32 comments

Ghost stories are back. Our guests shared their experience at various places, including friend’s house, old convents, Pek Hoon Snua, Singapore and more. You just have to check it out yourself.



  1. lenglong

    welcome back ghost story!
    i love ghost story!

  2. dann

    Finally, the Ghost Stories is BACK for good!!!
    Gotta listen to it when i got home…

  3. ikumajp

    OMG OMG i can hear the kid sound too, in 46:15. My mo kui chang now!!

  4. kee

    I just want to say that guest who said tau for room/place in hotel is not correct.
    tau1 means house.
    gun tau,in tau,lin tau=our,their ,your house/home 家

  5. fongtak

    What a pleasant bonus in the slot. with Ghost Story.
    I hope you have not shelve Ka Tau Mo and Snui
    Mnie…. Your fan.. fongtak

  6. tofu_wayne

    we want more !!! (^o^v

  7. wa mn si Taiwan-lang

    y dont u create a podcast for ur own call “purehokkien”, or “TaiwanHokkien” or whatever u like…
    it is ok for first, second time…..but not always…do u know that u are damn annoying?

    here is Penanghokkien….PENANG…..i like Penang style hokkien…not those pure hokkien!

    please, read the atmosfera here..thanks

  8. wa mn si Taiwan-lang


    y dont u hightlight or make it OBVIOUS on ur front page say…”Penang style Hokkien” so tat some ppl wont stray in wrong room and teaching or telling something tat i personally feel damn annoying.

  9. kee

    Hello, for your infomation tau is not even penanghokkien.I never heard anyone using it I only heard people from klang using it.

  10. wa mn si Taiwan-lang

    then please stop

  11. kee

    I only wanted to point out that girl misused it.In case people like us even learn mistake like that.
    In north malaysia we just say gua e tshu ,lu e tshu.That ‘s all ,nothing wrong
    Are you really from north malaysia or what?For this topic I did hear people from Penang say siang instead of siong which is correct as well.Do you want me to say John is wrong???

  12. Miku John

    Kee, I really think that your intention is good. I do appreciate your input more and more as I figure out the way you express things. You don’t necessarily have the nicest choice of words when you give us your input. Even though sometimes we know that we are right, and others are wrong, there are better ways of expressing your ideas. The reason why you have been bombarded by others even on other forums is because words on computer screens have no emotion. You come across very harsh and rude. Even I took you as that. But the more I see your style, the more I understand your intention.

    I don’t want to stop Kee from expressing his opinion here. It’s free for everyone to comment. I encourage Kee to perhaps change his language choices when it comes to things like this. No one enjoys being criticized. But the person criticizing MUST have the art of telling things in a gentle and nice way so that people will have the opportunity to absorb the message. If you start off by saying, “you’re wrong. This is the right way. Everything else is wrong”, then the message isn’t heard. You are shutting people off before you can even express your point.

    Kee, please work on your word choices, it could be because you’re using English. If you think you could sound more polite and humble in Mandarin, use Mandarin. Or try to command a bit of compassion when you give your opinion.

    Wa Mn Si Taiwan=Lang, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I felt very offended because I felt like Kee is criticizing my guests who volunteered to be on the show. I don’t mind Kee’s criticisms for me. I usually respond with my own opinion on why and how I do things, my main goal and so forth. But I don’t feel that my listeners should have to defend themselves just for being who they are.

    If Kee is offending you, please don’t let that bother you. His intention is good. He’s only trying to help. But his word choices are unpolished. He can work on it, and the rest of us can learn to not take things so personal. He has to take a step, and we’ll take a step.

    And regarding Penang style Hokkien. How much clearer can it be when the podcast itself is called Penang Hokkien Podcast. I don’t think it’d be nice to call my show “Miku John’s Penang Hokkien and his friends’ Penang Hokkien that sometimes may contain the wrong style of Hokkien for some people – Podcast”. 😀

    My main goal is to have something fun and cool that young and old people and everyday people who speak or understand northern style Hokkien/Penang Hokkien can all get together. By making Penang Hokkien something that the hip and new generations would love would be goal achieved for me. I felt like there is no sense of coolness in our daily dialect. It’s so blaze. So matter-of-fact. I don’t want that perception to go on. I want it to be cool and fun again to use Penang Hokkien. I am not at all wanting to teach people the usage. I am merely documenting what we would normally speak, and having some fun.

    Remember my dear PGHK loyal listeners, our goal is to have fun.

  13. milk mother

    finally the ghost storis is back…thx you john u

  14. kee

    John,no need to write a long letter which is siunn tng .I can’t see anyone is polite in forum from malaysia to china.See forum.
    People tend to be khi siau when they are in forum. Many people I know are trying to stay away from forum but we just gatal .
    As for this show it is not about North malaysian hokkien because John invited too many guest from other areas.
    A guy came out saying the ghost na (in ) there.This is just a pure Johor style.

  15. ikumajp

    What’s wrong with “my style” hokkien? even English you have US, EU, ASIAN Style of English. Language is a communication tool as long as you can understand each other, than it have serve it’s purpose.

    “can’t see anyone is polite in forum from malaysia to china.”
    Please do not insult anyone, Where you go, your choice of forum you participate do not apply to anyone else, that is what we so call “stereo type” is.

  16. Miku John

    I wrote a lengthy explanation because I want to be polite. You can be polite despite of what other people do.

    Kee chooses to ignore that. So I will avoid trying.

    I think it’s clear Kee isn’t very popular with his inability to write in English politely. Then I think we should just ignore him.

    Again, we want to have fun here, not arrogance, ignorance, and stubbornness.

    No, I won’t give Kee anymore attention by talking about this on the show. We are giving him the attention he craves. I still think his intention is good. But he is stubborn. I have given him many opportunities. He turned them all down.

    Let’s make him disappear in our eyes. This is MY website. Not his. 🙂

  17. Wantan

    i was listening to this show while driving to work, i nearly got myself into an accident because of that SCREAM that ah long made, not scary but SOO funny ! I laughed so hard until i can’t concentrate on driving.. love this show, good job !

  18. fongtak

    hahaha hehehe cin cia ho ceo…”Penang Hokkien that sometimes contains wrong style of hokkien for some people” So from now on, John will say

  19. Miku John

    LOL. You’re funny. Yes I think I’ll go with the latter. *%#^#+€¥£•@!!

  20. fongtak

    Miko John Aka MJ AKA Micheal Jackson… haha

    You make my day, saying me funny .
    That , me consider a great compliment’
    considering I am your ardent #1 fan. KAM SIAH very much.

  21. tofu_wayne

    hi John and all the seniors,

    hi everyone out there, I guess I am pretty new to join and share idea with all you seniors.

    After spending 4-year-time in Japan, I really found that actually I miss all the things in my home town Penang so much so much, such as my family, friends, food, culture and so on..

    By listening to all of you, I feel that you guys are so warm and so kind, very friendly. It is very hard to meet some friends like you guys around here that can share everything without any worry.

    Actually I am not just an university student over here, I am also working part-time in a small radio broadcast company in Kansai area. My job is music and song composing, arranging and recording, and by the way i already composed a song for this great podcast.

    I composed this song for Penang Hokkien Podcast just to show that how much i appreciate this particular podcast and to show my respect to John Ong.

    I can’t say that Japan is a boring country but just that I feel home sick from time to time. Until I found out this great podcast. It helps me to bring back all my sweet memories when I was still in Penang. I think I am not the only one who falls in love with Penang Hokkien, and I would like to take this great opportunity to thank John Ong. It needs a very strong commitment to run this podcast continueosly. Just leave all the credits to the mighty John Ong.

    If anyone thinks that I shouldn’t do something like this, I will take away this piece of shit from youtube without any blaming immediately.

    Lastly, I hope that Penang Hokkien Podcast is not going to sue me for doing this. Hope you guys love this. Thanks.

    Please visit


  22. fongtak

    John, Kee,
    It was KEE who commented on the Chor nam and Chor lu and taught me something, appreciate that. Thanks to KEE.
    Actually PH is the same as Taiwan or Southern States Malaysian Hokkien
    excerpt for some slang eg.

    am mie- am mi =night
    snui mie-sen mie = read fortune
    ea mui- ea men = xia men ( macau ? )
    pnua pae- pua pee=sick
    hokkien wa =hokkien wue- hokkien language

    It is written in the History of Early Strait Times Settlers that
    they grouped in Hokkien Province ready to migrate to Malaya
    when it was found the group heading for Penang, all have buckle teeth.

  23. Lima Belas

    So many comments here…haha..
    i also leave down my comment for PGHK..

    This’s really a relaxing and make more fun podcast for every listeners..
    PGHK got it own style to do the recording, that’s why just can be attracted more people from all over the world to listen and join with this podcast…

    If this podcast set up the rule that just allow all the listener must using penang style’s hokkien to chit chat in this podcast…does you guys think PGHK will be a successful podcast like now?

    Some more, PGHK is not a “teaching room” to correct other listener’s slang and pronunciation. It’s also considering a good place to let John and all his friends from other country to chit chat anything, any topic in this podcast. So why should must have to use the correctly penang style to talk with others? And why must care with their slang or pronuciation whether is correctly or not?

    Beside that, some times we laugh more loud and loudly just because the different slang and pronunciation from different people. Even for those are from penang, after a long time staying at somewhere, sure of their slang and pronunciation will be change to same with the local there.

    So i don’t think that’s a problem, at least can understand what they are saying and talking at that time is ok already…and we must be a understanding person and appreciate what their done for this podcast.

    Lastly is, PGHK podcast is like a culture, since you have join for it, then you should be following the culture but not is the culture to following you….
    Thanks John to done a special podcast, you’re great….

  24. Miku John

    Thank you everyone for your kind words of support.
    Really I only care for all of us having fun and appreciate the witty, special, and unique dialect of our own Penang Hokkien.

  25. wa mn si Taiwan-lang

    To John and all,

    i apology for messing up everything here and causing so many debates. i wont do this again. again, i am sorry.

    To Kee,
    I am sorry for my rudeness and impoliteness of using my word.

  26. Miku John

    Everything is cool. Don’t worry. I just hate to see people fighting with each other on such unimportant things in my book. Now, I understand if I’m a teacher of Hokkien. But I’m a comedian and wanting to have fun with everyone.

    Please don’t take things so seriously. I apologize all your support. Trust me, I really do.

  27. wa mn si Taiwan-lang

    I appreciate your generosity in this matter. I really respect you and i really love PenangHokkien, your show inspired me with nostalgia. I agree with you, i am here to have fun, laugh, listen to our guest talking…really warm. I feel bad about myself y sould i take this little thing so seriously. Everyone is free to leave comment.

    i wsh i can join ur show in oneday. (^_^)

  28. fongtak

    To John Only,
    Just a little funny comment…..regarding your Feb 27 above.
    ” I apologize all all your support…. shouldn’t it be ” I appreciate all your support …
    I read your comments John and like your shows..
    and I ‘appreciate’ for my little comment here… hahahahaha

  29. sinboon

    Happy that ghost story is back.
    So what happen at the end of mohmoh kui story after the little boy told her about the ghost following her bag full of sweets. Did she manage to get rid of that ghost?

  30. Miku John

    Momokui will talk about the ending of the story in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

  31. Or Bee

    Yes, the faint sound was there at 46.15″ I heard that. But is that one of your background sound?

  32. mervman

    definitely hear the faint kid sound.. but don’t use speaker, use headphones or earphones to pick up the faint sound.. omg.. so scary.. i played it over & over to be sure, i even asked my gf to double chk!!

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