Tofu_Wayne Gave us a Present

Feb 28, 2009 | Announcements | 13 comments

Tofu_Wayne kindly sent me the MP3 file for the song that he wrote for Penang Hokkien Podcast. I know many of you wrote him and myself to ask for the MP3 version of the song.

Song: Penang Hokkien Pne Pne Tnia (Right Click and Choose Download)

You can also just listen to it online with this link:

Again, Tofu_Wayne, thank you very much.


  1. WP

    Nice song!

  2. Wantan

    OMG ! Tofu really gifted ! well done !

  3. tofu_wayne


    thanks to you guys who support ” Penang Hokkien Pne Pne Tnia”!!

    by the way, can anyone please teach me how to listen to the PGHK (live), i mean now, i am really hoping to listen to it now!!

    please help!!!

  4. dann

    oops… im one step ahead. already downloaded through youtube… XD
    support support Penang Hokkien Pne Pne Tnia~~~

  5. momokui

    really nice ler this songs!!!!^^

  6. lehlew

    nice song, i listened everyday..WELL DONE !!!!!!

  7. Dubai ah boy

    yo…. i am so happy to hear this song… its so cool man

  8. tua han tzu

    Well done Tofu, it’s a really good song. You made listeners like me feel so proud!

  9. Beng

    Wow!!! Tofu, you are very talented. I love the song, even my daughter loves it.
    I would love to join the talk sometimes but don’t know how leh!!!

  10. jjd58

    Tofu, your voice resembles Samuel Hui’s….good job, great creativity!!

  11. bon

    Bravo!!! Keep it up!!!!!

  12. Bibi

    donno other will feel what i feel bo… i feel so touching~~~~ hahaha … really.. it touch my heart and i almost cry out T_T…. tofu kam bah deh….

  13. Miku John

    I agree. It’s very touching and sweet.

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