PGHK #196 Chien Tua Kui (浅拖鬼)

May 3, 2009 | Ghost Stories, Podcast | 26 comments

The ever popular shows are back. Ghost stories are back. We touched on dogs’ howls. Old newspaper and clothing buyers. When do you see ghosts? Ghosts in school. Blood on hotel’s towel. Why ghosts always wear white clothing? Hanging slippers on trees at a Penang Hill bungalow.

Jamie talks to ghost with various tools on YouTube.



  1. kepo

    This is also one of the best ghost story episode. John, i suggest you can start to have another round of Top 10 vote. Let see which one of your episode is PGHK fans favourite.

  2. jes

    hi, i’ve been listening to penang hokkien for about 2 years.. i like it very much especially ghost stories..
    i’ve listened to all your ghost stories episode and cant wait for the next one (tho i feel scare after listening) hehe…hope you guys will make more and more ghost stories episode.. thanks ya…good job… 😀

  3. HokkienChar

    Ghost story filled my working day…… felt scaring after listening. Luckily was day time and my colleages was with me in the cubicle. FYI my another colleage also listening too, introduced to her PGHK last month…haha!!
    After listening for around 2 years still not bored PGHK. You guys ROCK !!! (Ah John and other “tek pet keh ping”).

    I did went to the website Ah John recommend, the sound (ghost boy) seems like the movie “white noise”…..

  4. lor mee

    I totally tak dengar that children cry sounds wo in the momokui eh ghost story.

  5. lobak

    ghost stories can always be an interesting topic….maybe next time can limit to certain ghost story….like ghost stories at school….coz you know la…we heard a lot of school’s ghost stories…..chung tut already got damn a lot….haha

  6. HokkienChar

    I heard a baby cry at 46:15…….very fade very soft!! Seems to be momokui ask why the child then the crying the sound showed.

    Weird very weird……

  7. 菜头奶


    非常不喜欢kam pui的胡乱发言,一有恐怖音响效果就吵个不停,而且不止一次,影响听众听故事,如果怕的话就别来讲,让其他胆子比你大的嘉宾上去讲,你就等download来听就好了,还是因为你觉得自己发言太少而争取机会出声。


  8. LimPek

    i really like penang hokkien ghost story..hope can talk about Hotel ghost more

  9. fongtak

    菜头奶 , i think, kampui is a very good participant
    and very good taepiakiepin. 😀

    She added amusement to many shows with John.
    I admire her presence of mind
    and witty contribution. 😀

    菜头奶 , i hope u change your opinion about her, as for me
    i really appreciate U, U R my heroine… kampui……
    ( from KL with LV )…Keep up your good work….:D

  10. Miku John

    Again, 菜头奶 is entitled to his opinion.
    When we put our conversations out to the public, we can’t expect everyone to love and support what we have to say. And people will also get very personal.
    I appreciate all the support and will take all the criticisms. What I put out there ultimately is up to me to take the responsibility, good or bad.

    Personally, I really enjoy Kampui on the show because I feel very connected to her. We are like old friends who would bicker back and forth for good fun. I like her reaction. Her fear when talking about ghosts only added to the atmosphere. I appreciated her participation and contributions to the show.

    I am unable to stop people from attacking the show or the guests or myself. I just want to show how much I appreciate each of the guests who are willingly, voluntarily, generously coming on the show to chat with me. They get nothing, but a little bit of fun and fellowship of Penang Hokkien speakers. A very big thank you. And Kam the Very siah.

  11. 菜头奶

    我没有说kam pui不是一个好的特别嘉宾,只是不喜欢她在那一个部份的打插。我每星期都有收听这里的节目,特别喜爱鬼故事,因为本人遇到过的也不少,当然也喜欢kam pui以前所分享的。

    我是针对事,不是针对kam pui,我又不认识她的,为何要对她有偏见。假如那天吵喧巴闭的是Miku的表姑妈,我也会照样提出我的看法。我没有要拉kam pui下台的意思,也不希望她会脆弱到阅读上面的贴后跑去自杀。



  12. Miku John

    This is to 菜头奶 and everyone else. You are entitled to your opinion and voicing your opinion during the show or in the comment area, that’s what this area is for.
    What we should all know is that we are doing this all for fun. And I understand that things I put out here will be open to criticisms. We don’t have to always agree. But we have to keep this in mind. I have this podcast so that we can all start to feel proud using Penang Hokkien, and at the same time have fun. Don’t take things too serious, both to those who offer their opinion and those who appear on the show.
    I appreciate my guests and all the loyal listeners. Kam the very siah.

  13. Kim Tham Phui

    i totally agree with 菜头奶 because last time when i was listening to the story telling by wiwiwawa, suddenly kampui interrupted by complaining about the special sound effect. That interruption really killed my joy. Hope she won repeat it in the future.

  14. fongtak

    to miko john, wiwiwawa, kampui, xiamen ah long,
    菜头奶,ah hua ,of s’pore.. ah tox, jipun lao yee, mo2kui. arabia joke,
    shua eh.. and all the favourites of penanghokkien……..









  15. tofu_wayne

    i support kam pui!!

    although i dont really know her but i can feel that she must be a nice person by listening to her talk. and i do think that she is very supportive towards PGHK.

    just to share my point of view,
    the reactions of the teh-pet-keh-pin are also part of the show. macam-macam reactions will only cause the show to be more colorful, nothing wrong with that right? ( ’ – ^*)/

    kam pui, i am your fan!! ♪(*^ ・^) ~☆ hope to join your show and hope to share ghosts stories with you sometimes!!

    jipun tauhu \ (^o^) / ~♪♪

  16. AH BIRD

    listen and be part of talk show of course need to talk one mah (and response or react too)

    Everyone got their point of view but like what ah john mention, everyone entitled to their opinion but hei guys as long as every one have fun, don’t let small personal preference to be the kill joy.

    PGHK “bangsai!!”

    hei jepun tofu, sorry didnt end up contact you while in kyoto, trip a little too short and too many things to see, nearly miss our sinkansen a few time haha

  17. YL

    to fongtak,

    nice saying(^-^)Y

  18. Kam Pui

    菜头奶, Kim Tham Phui …




    miku john, fongtak and jipun tauhu..
    thanks for supportin me..

  19. 菜头奶

    致 : 含屁





    另外,我只是提出小小意见啦,没有严重到要批评或埋怨的意思,希望我的小小意见没有伤到你咯!khor thoad na khrap!ya xia cai yik na !


    不写了!最后还是要跟你说声:“gomen ne, mo okoranai de kudasai yo !”


  20. fongtak

    To tell the truth, i just copy and paste
    Paiseh………Si lee… hahaha…:D 😀 😀

  21. Miku John

    Again, I want to remind everybody to not take things so seriously. We are to have fun, and we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    Like I said before, I like Kampui’s response because it’s an audio form, and I want to see feedback and reactions, and what else do you get other than a scream or verbal response. In fact, I personally encouraged that sort of responses. As long as it’s genuine. I like it when people laugh out loud. I do. But some think that I laugh too loudly and therefore interrupting my guests. Some of you will agree, some of you will disagree. That’s cool. No offense taken. And I think all the guest shouldn’t take offense too.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that I dislike those who speak out on their opinions, in fact, as much as I like Kampui’s response, I also like 菜头奶’s comments. I agree with Kampui doesn’t mean that I hate 菜头奶.

    Take a step back. We are all for the same thing — using of Penang Hokkien in a fun way. Hopefully we’ll keep going that direction, don’t let small matters and patty little things stop us from our bigger goal.

  22. tofu_wayne


    “gomen ne, mo okoranai de kudasai yo !” is a very very bad japanese (^_^!
    i guess you were trying to say “mou okoranaide”  ”もう怒らないで” right?
    your teacher never tell you that “mo” and “mou” are two different things meh?!?!


    我想kam pui的日本支持者们都聴不明白你所要表达的 ( ’ – ^*)/
    日語好好学哦!! 頑張れ!! ほんでカッコ付けるな!! 余計笑われちゃうよ。。

  23. wa mn si Taiwan-lang


    恐怖音响效果 + 嘉宾被吓坏的反应 =节目娱乐性Up(^ー^)Y

  24. tofu_wayne

    ah bird,

    no problem, just contact me next time if you manage to come over here!!
    hope to hear from you soon my friend ♪(*^ ・^) ~☆

  25. penangkia

    ppl say ppl who sees ghost is bcos either his family hav something to do with black magic or they hav done something bad to someone in their past lives… these ghost follow them. tats y they see them

    these ppl who sees things bcos they are very YING so they influence their closed ones to become like them as in seeing ghost too

    duno how true it is. just a piece of my mind to contribute . =)

  26. Kuan Kong

    waaa… very very geliiii…..

    very long time no come back and listen liao hahahaha

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