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My dear listeners,

I have to thank each and everyone of you for making this site so popular in such short period of time. In about 2 weeks. We now have about 60 listeners. About 25 subscribers. The best way to listen to this show is actually having the show subscribed in any ipodder client or podcatcher. iTunes is one that is easy to use, and available to you for free.

When you are subscribed to this show, you will get any new show that is posted, without you having to come to this site to check to see if there is any new show, or if you have missed any.

Now, I’d still love for you to come to the site to check on non-podcast posts, such as this one.

I have listeners writing in from Netherlands, China, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, and the list goes on. And it is all, I mean, all based on word of mouth. No major promotion is done at this point. I have only made the migration from one hosting company to this new one. And I was going to wait for this to finish before I aggressively go out to the internet to promote But you are the one who’ll actually make this show known. Go out and tell people about the show. Or burn a CD of one or several shows. Share it with your friends, and hopefully they’ll land their cursor here on this site.

Thank you very much. “Chin chia kam siah lu lang eh chee chih.” (??????????)

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I have been getting GREAT response from many people. And this is JUST the preview stage. If you have your own podcast, or if you just want to help me spread the word about this show. Send this following link to all your friends:

Click on “Listen to Previews” on top or here.
The above link will have a couple of audio promotion pieces. Send one to your friends today! Copy and Paste the link above and email it to all your Hokkien-speaking friends.

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